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    Item #: MT027
    Jet Blue Plush Plane with Sound

    These plush toys make " take-off" sounds when you squeeze them.

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Wonderful Soft Plane for Toddlers


    Staff Review:

    A new item this year is a nice chunky airplane for little hands. It measures a little over 8" long and is 4 1/2" from wing tip to wing tip. The details, such as windows and logos, are beautifully embroidered into the high quality plush fabric. There are no small parts to worry about. This plane is recommended for ages 1 and up by the manufacturer.

    Parents will appreciate the quiet "take-off" sounds when the plane is squeezed. While loud enough to get a satisfying effect, it is quiet enough to be pleasant.

    Plush toys offer many benefits to young children. They love soft, cuddly objects and can safely explore them. Young children often bring their plush toys along when exploring their world, and talk to and confide in them. They offer familiarity and security and help kids develop healthy attachments.