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    Item #: DV552
    Non-Fiction Video Aviation DVDs
    Air War, The Smashing of the Reich by Non-Fiction Video
    Item Number: DV552

    By mid-1942 the Nazis owned Europe. The Factories and oil refineries of Germany produced the products of bloodshed and devastation. It was evident to the allies that the prime targets of the B-17 bombers had to be manufacturing centers. You will see deadly precision bombing and the price these flyers paid. American fighters could not carry enough fuel to accompany our bombers past the Rhine, where they became sitting ducks for enemy planes, which swarmed down upon them. To avoid such devesting looses the Americans switched to night bombing.

    With the advent of the P-51 long-range fighter, the tables turn. Bombs rain down upon oil storage fields, and factories are blasted off the face of the earth. When fuel supplies dried up, the threat of the Luftwaffe is ended and America rules the sky above Germany. Loaded with air action including the V-2 rocket, and the ME-262 German Jet.

    Running Time 84 Minutes DVD-R