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Ho The General Train Set, Bachmann Model Trains Item Number BAC736

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    Item #: BAC736
    Bachmann Model Trains

    The Civil War??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____s famous Great Locomotive Chase comes??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____to life with The General train set! On April 12, 1862,??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____James J. Andrew and a group of Union raiders??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____commandeered the South??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____s American 4-4-0, named The??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____General, from the Western and Atlantic Railroad. Their??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____daring plan was to sabotage rebel railroad lines deep??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____behind enemy lines. An alert W&ARR conductor,??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____William Fuller, noticed the locomotive moving and with??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____two fellow employees was soon in hot pursuit through??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____the mountains of Northern Georgia. They followed The??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____General on foot until they were able to commandeer??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____another locomotive, ??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____The Texas,??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____ to continue the chase.??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____After many stops to uproot track and cut telegraph lines,??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____The General ran out of wood fuel and water and was??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____abandoned. Andrew??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____s Raiders were later captured outside??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____Chattanooga. Some were able to escape from jail, but??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____eight were hung as spies. The youngest of the Raiders,??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____19-year-old Jacob Parrott, was the first soldier awarded??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____the Medal of Honor by Secretary of War Stanton. The??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____General train set lets you experience all the excitement of??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____this historic adventure and comes complete with:
    4-4-0 American locomotive with??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____operating headlight and tender
    old time box car
    old time gondola
    old time combine
    quartermaster and telegraph??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____office building
    56" x 38" oval of snap-fit E-Z Track??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____including 12 pieces of curved track, 3??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____pieces of straight track, and 1 plug-in??_??__??_??___??_??__??_??____terminal rerailer
    power pack and speed controller
    illustrated instruction manual