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    Item #: DV852
    Non-Fiction Video Aviation DVDs
    Saga Of The Skyraider (DVD) by Non-Fiction Video
    Item Number: DV852

    This film presents a digested chronicle of the history of the 'Spad', the Navy's longest-lived active duty aircraft. From it's initial design inception (at the close of WWll, up through Vietnam) the various exploits of this famous old bird are highlighted. Also coverage of the retirement of the last active ship is included.

    Also on this Special DVD Edition: 'WINGS OF EAGLES, WINGS OF GOLD' This film focuses on several outstanding men and aircraft from Naval Aviation's past and present. Included are the triumphs and tragedies of Naval air. A great tribute to the men, machines, and deeds that helped build the Naval Aviation tradition. Narrated by the late Rod Serling.

    42 Minutes All Color DVD