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A-50M "Mainstay", Russia, 2007 (1:200), Amercom Diecast Item Number ACLB12
A-50M "Mainstay", Russia, 2007 (1:200) Sale Price: $19.95
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Item #: ACLB12 -

    A-50M "Mainstay", Russia, 2007 (1:200) By Amercom Diecast Item Number: ACLB12 About A-50M "Mainstay", Russia, 2007 (1:200) About Amercom Diecast Amercom Diecast was founded in 1993 to design, create and provide a wide range of inexpensive but high quality diecast airplanes and military vehicles. With more than 130 airplanes and helicopters and more than 100 tanks and combat vehicles, this is a range of diecast aircraft and military armor products will appeal to enthusiasts of many types....