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Air Battle of Britain
Air Battle of Britain Sale Price: $12.48
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    Air Battle of Britain by Non-Fiction VideoItem Number: DV806The very best WWII documentary of Britain's valiant struggle against the Nazis during the country's most trying year of air attacks. The Air Battle Of Britain is both produced and directed by by Frank Capra during his tour of duty. This film records Britain's gallant stand against the encroaching swarm of Nazis. While the RAF and the British population confront the enemy with bravery, dignity and resolve, Hitler orders the Luftwaffe...

    Capture of the U505 Nazi Sub
    Capture of the U505 Nazi Sub Sale Price: $12.48
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    Item #: DV574 -

      Capture of the U505 Nazi Sub by Non-Fiction VideoItem Number: DV574An exciting U.S. Navy film account of the capture of German submarine U505. Late in the war, the jeep carrier USS Guadalcanal accomplished the first successful capture of an enemy submarine on the high seas. With the use of Avenger dive bombers and surface fire, the compact carrier is able to mount a boarding party to claim the crippled sub.This submarine is now on display at the Museum Of Science And industry in Chicago. Also...

      Combat America
      Combat America Sale Price: $12.48
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      Item #: DV807 -

        Combat America by Non-Fiction VideoItem Number: DV807A featurette style documentary produced for the theater (and U.S. morale building) during WWll that stars Clark Gable. Combat America dramatizes the story of the 351st Bomber Group from training in Colorado to a mission over Germany. The film ends with a maximum effort bombing raid deep into Germany and features actual combat footage shot during the mission. Aircraft used are the B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, and the P-47 Thunderbolt Jug...

        Drop Zone Normandy
        Drop Zone Normandy Sale Price: $12.48
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        Item #: DV587 -

          Drop Zone Normandy by Non-Fiction VideoItem Number: DV587The immortal epic of the planes, gliders, and the Macho men of the 82nd and 101st Airborne, supported by waves of B-26 Marauders and combat ready B-47's. This is the definite history of glider action in WWII. From night action to day flying, from P-38's to C-47's as glider tows, this is the story of men and their fighting machines.Running Time 78 Minutes

          Kamikaze Air War (DVD)
          Kamikaze Air War (DVD) Sale Price: $12.48
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          Item #: DV810 -

            Kamikaze Air War (DVD) by Non-Fiction VideoItem Number: DV810Suicide of a nation! uncut, raw realism, filmed by combat cameras amid the heat and holocaust of battle!...from Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima!Shocking footage of novice U.S. pilots learning carrier landings (the hard way) introduces the drama of air power which eventually turned the tide of the war. You witness the devastation of low level and incendiary bombing on the hapless cities below.The Japanese retaliate with the Kamikaze - the...