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Clash Of Empires
Clash Of Empires Sale Price: $20.95
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    Clash Of Empires by Osprey PublishingItem Number: OSPFGI3Covering Eastern Europe during the Renaissance, and Western Europe in the latter half of the 16th century, Clash of Empires, the third Field of Glory: Renaissance Companion provides aspiring generals with everything they need to command an army of steadfast Janissaries, or the troops of one of the Ottoman Empire's foes. With Osprey artwork, maps, and historical background, Clash of Empires brings to the gaming table the great conflicts...

    Immortal Fire
    Immortal Fire Sale Price: $15.96
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      ABOUT THIS PRODUCTProviding accessible and informative coverage of the Greek, Persian and Macedonian armies, Immortal Fire details conflicts such as the Spartan stand at Thermopylae, Alexander's victory at Gaugamela, and his fight for the Granicus River. Well-designed, visually stunning and with detailed historical overviews of each army, these comprehensive army listings, with supporting maps and artwork, allow gamers to recreate some of the most legendary battles in history. Take on the role...

      Legions Triumphant Imp Rome
      Legions Triumphant Imp Rome Sale Price: $16.95
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      Item #: OSPFDG5 -

        ABOUT THIS PRODUCTLegions Triumphant lets you relive the glory years of Rome, when the Roman army became a seemingly unstoppable juggernaut, spreading the Empire across the known world. Lavishly illustrated, factually accurate and complete with comprehensive army lists this is an essential companion to the Field of Glory experience. Choose to play as the Roman Legions and conquer the world, or try to change history by taking up the reins of one of Rome's enemies and defeating the greatest...

        Rise Of Rome
        Rise Of Rome Sale Price: $16.95
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        Item #: OSPFDG1 -

          ABOUT THIS PRODUCTField of Glory presents the historical tabletop wargamer with a new, accessible rules set. Rise of Rome provides an accessible, detailed army listing for the Roman Republic and its enemies, from the war against Pyrrhos, to the victory of Augustus. This companion contains a complete historical overview of this period, covering conflicts such as the Punic Wars and Rome's bloody wars with Hannibal and the Carthiginians. It includes well-designed, visually stunning and...

          Swords And Scimitars
          Swords And Scimitars Sale Price: $16.95
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          Item #: OSPFDG4 -

            ABOUT THIS PRODUCTRelive the epic conflict between the Christian west and Islamic east in this new Field of Glory Companion, Swords and Scimitars, which provides accessible, detailed army listings for the Crusades, covering conflicts such as Saladin's devastating victory at Hattin, the siege of Jerusalem and Richard the Lionheart's Third Crusade. With coverage of both the Christian and Muslim forces, this companion volume allows gamers to recreate and rewrite history using the newest rules set...

            Trade And Treachery
            Trade And Treachery Sale Price: $20.95
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            Item #: OSPFGI2 -

              Trade And Treachery by Osprey PublishingItem Number: OSPFGI2While the Renaissance was a time of innovation and inspiration in art, literature and science, so too was it a period of military progress. From the rise of gunpowder as a battlefield-dominating weapon to the tactical genius of Machiavelli, the Italian Wars were the first step on this journey. With detailed army lists, historical overviews, maps and artwork, Trade and Treachery provides aspiring condottieri with everything they need...