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KI-61 Hien "Tony" Type I-HEI #15 1945 (1:72)
KI-61 Hien "Tony" Type I-HEI #15 1945 (1:72) Sale Price: $24.95
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Item #: WM-APF0021 -

    KI-61 Hien "Tony" Type I-HEI #15 1945 (1:72) by War Master Diecast Item Number: APF0021 Flown by Corporal Seiichi Suzuki, from the Chofu Ab, in January 29, in 1945. Corporal Suzuki was only 20 when he was shot down on February 16th, but was considered as an "ace" thanks to achieving one killing of a 1 b-29, four shared killings with others fighters, and three damaged planes.