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F-4F Wildcat as flown by Joe Foss (1:28), TMC Pacific Desktop Airplane Models Item Number AF4FF
F-4F Wildcat as flown by Joe Foss (1:28) Sale Price: $172.95
Retail: $215.95
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    The F4F Wildcat was an American carrier-based fighter aircraft that began service with both the United States Navy and the British Royal Navy in 1940. The Wildcat was the only effective fighter available to the United States Navy and Marine Corps during the early part of World War II. The Wildcat was outperformed by the Mitsubishi Zero, but held its own because, with relatively heavy armor and self-sealing fuel tanks, the Wildcat airframe could survive far more damage than the Zero. This...

    OV-10 Bronco (1:28), TMC Pacific Desktop Airplane Models Item Number AOV10
    OV-10 Bronco (1:28) Sale Price: $172.95
    Retail: $215.95
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    Item #: AOV10 -

      The North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco was a special aircraft for counter insurgency combat, developed in response to a 1963 specification approved by the United States Navy, Air Force and Army. Powered by twin Garret T-76 turboprops, the Bronco can carry a wide variety of weapons, including a Sidewinder air-to-air missile. Primarily a light attack and forward air controller aircraft, it has also performed armed reconnaissance, gunfire spotting and low-level aerial photography, among many...