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F-15C Eagle (1:42), TMC Pacific Desktop Airplane Models Item Number CF015CTS
F-15C Eagle (1:42) Sale Price: $199.95
Retail: $249.95
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Item #: CF015CTS -

    The F15-C Eagle was designed by Tim Taylor. It was developed to give air superiority to the US Air Force. It served as the main attack aircraft with performance and brains. The F-15C flew in early 1979. Most F-15Cs were delivered with Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-100 turbofans but they were replaced with more reliable F100-PW-220 engines in 1985. With its updated features it is much more capable as a fighter aircraft. The aircraft is an improved single-seat all-weather air-superiority fighter...

    F-15E Strike Eagle (1:42), TMC Pacific Desktop Airplane Models Item Number CF015ETS
    F-15E Strike Eagle (1:42) Sale Price: $199.95
    Retail: $249.95
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    Item #: CF015ETS -

      The F-15E Strike Eagle is a strike fighter, designed for long range interdiction of enemy ground targets deep behind enemy lines. The F-15E carried our deep strikes against high value targets and provided close air support for coalition troops. The F-15E is different from the F-15 in a way that the F-15 Eagle has darker camouflage and the presence of the conformal fuel tanks attached to the aircrafts fuselage. This handcrafted model is painted in the same paint scheme as the original and is...