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903E Electret Mic/Slide Hanger, Xlr-4-12-C, Telex Communications (Evi A) Item Number 903-1342
903E Electret Mic/Slide Hanger, Xlr-4-12-C Sale Price: $348.95
Retail: $498.00
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Item #: 903-1342 -

    ELECTRO-VOICE 903E The Electro-Voice model 903E condenser handheld microphone is designed for use in high noise environments where high speech intelligibility is desired such as in aircraft cockpits, assenger cabins, control towers or terminal areas. The electret element virtually eliminates EMI, RR, and magnetic signals channeling the full power of your communications system into crisp, articulate voice transmission with the RTCA frequency response. Its proven electret technology will not...