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M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer Hc, Squadron Signal Publications, Item Number SS67029
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    Item #: SS67029
    Squadron Signal Publications
    M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer Walk Around. Book by David Doyle. Squadron Signal Books. Though relatively lightly armored, Buick's M18 Hellcat could top 55 MPH, making it the fastest armored fighting vehicle fielded during World War II. The Tank Destroyer men who crewed these vehicles used this speed and the Hellcat's 76mm high-velocity cannon to destroy German tanks; firing at the vulnerable areas of the enemy, and then racing away before coming under fire themselves. This volume examines the three principal variants of the Hellcat - the preproduction T70, early M18, and late M18, using ample visual reference to document these vehicles - and their differences - inside and out. Engine and drive train, driver's compartment, weapons and sighting systems, and stowage - both interior and exterior - are all carefully presented. Illustrated with 230 color photographs, 5 black and white photographs, 5 line drawings, and 4 profiles; 80 pages.