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Focke-Wulf Ta 283 (1:72), Luft-X Models Item Number LUFT007
Focke-Wulf Ta 283 (1:72) Sale Price: $34.95
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    Focke-Wulf Ta 283 (1:72) by Luft X Resin Aircraft Models Item Number: LUFT007Very little substantial documentation exists on the FW-Ta 283, and modern-day speculation of its purpose and design originates from a single pen and ink drawing. In desperate need of an answer to the relentless Allied bombing of German cities during 1945, the Ta 283 was to be a fighter-interceptor aircraft used to meet these invading attackers head-on.

    Haunebu I (1:72), Luft-X Models Item Number LUFT010
    Haunebu I (1:72) Sale Price: $49.95
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      Haunebu I (1:72) by Luft X Resin Aircraft Models Item Number: LUFT010In an attempt to create the world's leading military, Hitler tasked Germany_s most innovative engineers with developing a series of cutting-edge, often bizarre aircraft _ many of which never made it past the drawing board. And, according to some, the Third Reich's scientic capabilities were so progressive that they began work on a series of secretive spacecraft.Known as "Haunebu," these flying saucers were built upon...

      Messerschmitt Me 329 (1:72), Luft-X Models Item Number LUFT005
      Messerschmitt Me 329 (1:72) Sale Price: $34.95
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        Messerschmitt Me 329 (1:72) by Luft X Resin Aircraft Models Item Number: LUFT005Although many of the ominous theoretical aircraft designs proposed by Nazi engineers remained permanently stalled by logistical limitations, the Messerschmitt 329 Zerstorer was not among them. By March 1942, the Me 329 had progressed to the pre-production stage, with a full-scale wooden mock-up being tested in the wind tunnel.