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Length: 3.84"

Wingspan: 5.76"

Prepainted Diecast Metal Model

Collectors item: Not suitable for children under 14

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    Item #: HL1311
    Hobby Master Diecast Airplanes
    Douglas C-47B Skytrain
    KN628, Field Marshall Montgomery, RAF,
    No. 24 Sqn., July 1945

    1/200 scale die-cast metal with minimal use of plastic.
    All markings are tampo (pad) applied, no decals to discolor or flake.
    Free-spinning propellers.
    Rolling wheels.
    Landing gear can be removed or added.
    Model comes with a display stand.
    A brief history of the aircraft type and the airline is supplied with each model.

    The Douglas DC-3 (DC _ Douglas Commrcial) is considered by many as the aircraft that
    revolutionized commercial air travel in the 20th Century. The maiden flight of the DC-3 took place
    on December 17, 1935, the 32nd anniversary of the Wright Brother's historic flight at Kitty Hawk.
    Now airlines were able to be profitable without depending on U.S. Mail subsidies and passengers
    could now fly transcontinental with just one re-fueling stop. There are many DC-3s still flying 75
    years after their maiden flights.

    Douglas C-47 Skytrain 44-76950 c/n 16534/33282 was delivered to the USAAF in 1944 and in
    May 1945 was transferred to the No. 24 RAF Squadron as KN628. Field Marshal Bernard
    Montgomery was appointed Military Governor of the British zone of Germany this aircraft became
    his personal transport in July 1945. In 1946 Montgomery returned to England and KN628 became
    a general VIP aircraft until 1948 when it was returned to Montgomery until 1954 when it was sold
    to various owners eventually being scrapped in Florida.

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