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Length 12.25"
Wingspan 17.25"

Prepainted Diecast Metal Model

Collectors item: Not suitable for children under 14

Limited to 1100 models

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Item #: AA33316
Corgi Diecast Aviation

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 42-97880/DF-F 'Little Miss Mischief', 324th Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group, Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire, 1944

Perhaps more than any other aircraft of the Second World War, the four engined Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress embodied the awesome might of America's military and industrial prowess and her determination to fight for total victory. Operating in massed formations over enemy occupied Europe, these distinctive aircraft were designed to conduct daylight precision bombing missions against strategic enemy targets, with the aim of literally pounding them into submission. As its name suggests, the Flying Fortress was bristling with defensive armament and it was intended that tight formations of B-17s would be able to throw so much lead into the air, that any attacking enemy aircraft would either be shot down before they could press home their attack, or see less committed pilots simply fly away from what would surely be their certain demise. Although things didn't quite turn out this way during the savage aerial combat in the skies above Europe, it did help to earn the B-17 a fearsome reputation amongst Luftwaffe pilots.

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Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

Good model of a unique B-17

I was very pleased with this model of the Little Miss Mischief. It has a very unique and interesting history, well worth the time to research. The model is well done with good detail. The only real faults I find is the the chin turret does not rotate nor do the guns elevate or depress and the main flaps do not stay in the up position for in flight display. The rear guns should elevate also. The bomb bay is well detailed with multiple bombs. Color and paint are well done. For this price point there could have been more moving parts.