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Beech Staggerwing (1/31 Scale), Mastercraft Models Item Number NC11353
Beech Staggerwing (1/31 Scale) Sale Price: $111.95
Retail: $139.95
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    The Beech G-17 Staggerwing is an American utility aircraft built in the 1930s. The biplane features a reverse stagger wing (lower wing is ahead of the upper wing)�a design configuration that made the aircraft unique. The unusual configuration does not enhance the aerodynamics of the aircraft; the wings were designed as such to simply improve pilot visibility. With a hefty price tag, the Staggerwing did not make a huge impact at first, considering it was sold after the Great Depression. But...

    Hughes 1-B Racer (1/31 Scale), Mastercraft Models Item Number NC10294
    Hughes 1-B Racer (1/31 Scale) Sale Price: $111.95
    Retail: $139.95
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    Item #: NC10294 -

      The Hughes H1 is a racing aircraft built in 1935. Shortly after its first flight, this racer plane broke the world speed record for landplanes. Clocking in at 352.39 mph, the H-1 plane consequently ran out of fuel and crash-landed without sustaining any serious damage to the aircraft or to its pilot, Howard Hughes. The aircraft also had the distinction of being the last airplane built by a private individual to hold a world speed record. With the fastest aircraft title under its belt, the H-1...