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T-6G Texan Israeli Air Force "Heyl Ha'Avir" (1:72)

Part Number: HA1509
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Length: 5"

Wingspan 7"

Prepainted Diecast Metal Model

Collectors item: Not suitable for children under 14

T-6G Texan Israeli Air Force "Heyl Ha'Avir" (1:72) by Hobby Master Airplanes
Item Number: HA1509

This aircraft is known by many names depending on what country used them and/or the variant of the same airframe. They were AT-6, Harvards, Yale, Texan, SNJ, Wirraway and a few others. These planes were fully aerobatic and could present the student pilot with some situations where he learned to do things correctly or else. These planes were the stepping stones to the more advanced Spitfires and Mustangs of this era. From the 1930s to the 1960s the Harvard was not limited to just the training role. It was also used as a combat aircraft and became part of almost every major power inventory. Like the Huey helicopter the Harvard had its own distinctive sound caused by the propeller tips going supersonic.

In October 1948 crates containing 17 Harvards arrived for The Israeli Air Force (IAF in 1948 '_ IDF/AF present time). Because the Israeli '_War of Independence'_ was taking place the Harvards were used to form the 35th Squadron. With the IAF being so new and in a war they desperately needed front line aircraft so instead of flight trainers the aircraft were pressed into a dive-bomber role. They were manned by experienced former WW II crews but when the war ended later in 1948 these crews left. With the end of hostilities some Harvards were sent to the IAF flight school to teach young Israelis to become pilots. Some 65 Harvards were kept for ground attack in case hostilities broke out again. The Harvards were pressed into field service several times over the next 15 years or so and in 1961 they were starting to be retired from the flight school as more modern aircraft were acquired. Two examples of this aircraft can be found at the IAF museum.

Specifications North American Harvard T-6

Type: two-advanced trainer/dive bomber.

Powerplant: 1 X Pratt-&-Whitney R-1340-AN-1 Wasp engine.

Maximum speed '_ 209 mph (337 kph) (182 knots)
Cruising speed '_ 145 mph (233 kph) (126 knots)
Operational range '_ 630 miles(1,014 km)
Service ceiling - 24,000 ft (7.3 km)

Empty '_ 4,860 lb(1814kg)
Maximum takeoff '_ 5,249 lb (2381kg)

Wing span '_ 41.99 ft (12.80 m)
Length '_ 29.49 ft (8.99 m)
Height '_ 11.68 ft (3.56 m)

2 X 0.5 cm machine guns with 8 X 50 kg bombs under the wings
1 X 0.303 machine gun with 16 X 80 mm rockets and 4 X 50 kg bombs under the wings

Model Details for Hobby Master 1:72 Israel Defence Force - Air Force T-6G Harvard - DiMA ID# 19136

Hobby Master Israel Defence Force - Air Force T-6G Harvard 1:72 - HA1509 - DiMA ID#19136
Israel Defence Force - Air Force Hobby Master
Israel Defence Force - Air Force Hobby Master

Country &

Aircraft: T-6G Harvard Scale: 1:72

Part #: HA1509 DiMA ID#: 19136

Release Date: 2008 Disc Date: 2008

Status: Production Stopped Units: Unlimited

Remarks: "Heyl Ha'Avir, 35th Squadron, 1948".
Registration:  1113 Engines: 1 Pratt and Whitney R-1340-AN-1

Classification: Military

Last Updated: 04/20/2009

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