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Ju 88A-4, Luftwaffe, 1944 (1:144)
Ju 88A-4, Luftwaffe, 1944 (1:144) Sale Price: $19.95
Retail: $24.95
Availability: Preorder, Expected September
Item #: ACLB04 -

    Ju 88A-4, Luftwaffe, 1944 (1:144) by Amercom Diecast Item Number: ACLB04 Amercom specialize in low cost, nicely detail aviation and armor replicas. These beautiful models represent many models not made by any other manufacturer. Great for display and collecting.

    Junkers Ju-88C-6 F8+BX, 13./KG40, Battle over the Biscay (1:72)
    Junkers Ju-88C-6 F8+BX, 13./KG40, Battle over the Biscay (1:72) Sale Price: $103.95
    Retail: $135.95
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: AA36711 -

      Junkers Ju-88C-6 F8+BX, 13./KG40, Lorient, France 1943 � Battle over the BiscayThe Junkers Ju-88 proved to be one of the most versatile and effective German aircraft of the Second World War. Designed initially as a high speed bomber, able to outpace �ghter aircraft sent to challenge it, early Ju88 units endured a dif�cult introduction to combat, especially during the Battle of Britain. Despite the Ju-88 being the latest bomber to enter service, pilots had not had time to familiarise themselves...