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America By Rail 4 Dvd Set
America By Rail 4 Dvd Set Sale Price: $27.95
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Item #: CV-146 -

    America By Rail 4 Dvd Set by Topics EntertainmentItem Number: CV-146Captivating views, colorful locomotives, and historical tracks come together in Great American Train Ride, a 4-DVD collection of rail videos that explore the legendary trains and lines that span America from the midwest to the snow-capped mountains of Alaska. The journey begins by following the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic over the rugged tracks from Colorado to New Mexico. Next, take in chilly scenery as you follow steam engines...

    Amtrak Accommodations & Services (DVD)
    Amtrak Accommodations & Services (DVD) Sale Price: $12.48
    Retail: $24.95
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    Item #: DV458 -

      Heres a close up look at Amtraks coach, club and custom class seating, sleeping car accommodations, lounge and dining cars, on-board services, amenities and more.Journey from coast to coast, through the experiences of a mother and son as they travel on- board Amtrak.37 min. color

      Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (DVD)
      Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (DVD) Sale Price: $12.48
      Retail: $24.95
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      Item #: DV409 -

        This video features B&O steam & diesels in both freight & passenger service. See this great railroad move raw materials for many industries, such as: coal, steel, grain, and livestock. Also featured are rail-yards, maintenance shops, and those wonderful B&O passenger trains. Colorful and interesting is what makes this B&O documentary the way to go.Time 40 Minutes, Color & B/W

        Burlington Northern Freight Operations In The Early 1970s (DVD)
        Burlington Northern Freight Operations In The Early 1970s (DVD) Sale Price: $12.48
        Retail: $24.95
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        Item #: DV456 -

          Portrait Of A RailroadThis is the Burlington Northerns story of moving freight in 1973. This video includes dramatic scenes of hump yard switching, control centers, freight handling, and car loading. Beautifully photographed run-bys of second generation diesels transporting lumber, food, coal, grain, and goods to the American markets.Also on this video: The Freight Goes Through. Yard workers get a good look at the damage caused when freight cars arent coupled, or slack taken up at the right...

          Buster Keaton In The General (DVD)
          Buster Keaton In The General (DVD) Sale Price: $12.48
          Retail: $24.95
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          Item #: DV424 -

            One of the truly great railroad film comedies, based on a true Civil War incident. Buster Keaton is a southern railroad engineer whose beloved train (with fiancee Helen Mack on board) is hijacked by Union forces. His rescue of both leads to a classic locomotive chase and some hilarious stunts.One of the finest railroad films ever made, Silent with musical score. 1927. Starring Buster Keaton and Helen Mack.Running Time 106 Minutes

            Canadian Pacific Railroad (DVD)
            Canadian Pacific Railroad (DVD) Sale Price: $12.48
            Retail: $24.95
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            Item #: DV439 -

              Canadian Pacifics classic 1955 film introducing The Canadian. Take a tour on this First Class train, then ride west from Montreal to Vancouver. Superb views of the Streamliner at mink tunnel, Banff, The Spirals and Vancouver. This film features brand new F units along with Budd Stainless steel cars. Enjoy the splendor of a rail trip across the beauty of Canada. Also on this DVD is:Dayliner One A beautiful British Columbia travelog, featuring the stainless steel Budd cars, crossing colorful...

              Chesapeake And Ohio (DVD)
              Chesapeake And Ohio (DVD) Sale Price: $12.48
              Retail: $24.95
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              Item #: DV419 -

                The George Washington Route In The 1930s & The C&O Road RailerThis video opens with a colorful tour of the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum in North Judson, Indiana, featuring a C&O 28-4 Kanawha, the 2789. The second part showcases a tour of the C&O in its prime along the George Washington route in the 1930s. Vintage footage takes you on a trip along its route, highlighting elegant dining cars with real Colonial furniture. We follow the passengers from Cincinnati, Ohio to the capital city of...

                Chessie Steam Special (DVD)
                Chessie Steam Special (DVD) Sale Price: $12.48
                Retail: $24.95
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                Item #: DV454 -

                  The Chessie Steam Special Celebrates B&Os 8000 Mile Birthday Party!Join the passengers and onlookers as the era of steam is brought back to life in this celebration of steam train history. Relive the thrills of riding the rails across Americas landscape, and experience the history and romance of the early years of steam railroading as you are taken across the country by the Chessie Steam Special, an authentic, fully restored steam engine. Also on this tape: The 225,000 Mile Proving Ground This...

                  Chicago and North Western Railroad, "Rolling the Freight" (DVD)
                  Chicago and North Western Railroad, "Rolling the Freight" (DVD) Sale Price: $12.48
                  Retail: $24.95
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                  Item #: DV414 -

                    This video starts with 11 minutes of non-stop steam and diesel action featuring the heavy weights from the Chicago & North Western system. Experience a look back in time as the film shows the beginning of the railroad, and its Pioneer engine. Many great shots of sleeping and dining cars leading to the Pullman trains. Then take a tour of the railroad in the 1950s and witness a freight repair yard, with plenty of switching and freight train footage for every train buff.Also On This Special DVD...

                    Chicago Railroad Fair (DVD)
                    Chicago Railroad Fair (DVD) Sale Price: $12.48
                    Retail: $24.95
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                    Item #: DV408 -

                      Chicago's Famous 1948 Wheels A-Rolling Pagant The railroad fair at the Chicago lakefront in 1948 celebrated 100 years of railroad progress. Wheels A-Rolling was the name of the giant musical pageant at the fair, with many vintage steam trains, horse drawn cars, fire engines, early automobiles, the Burlington Zephyr, and many first generation diesels. It also featured a cast of several hundred singers, dancers, and actors.Color & B/W 60 Minutes DVD

                      Danger Lights (DVD)
                      Danger Lights (DVD) Sale Price: $12.48
                      Retail: $24.95
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                      Item #: DV418 -

                        A Movie Classic, mixed with non-stop action. This is perhaps the greatest old footage in existence today of the Milwaukee Road. Almost every scene has tremendous steam action with the mighty 4-6-2s, 4-6-4s and 2-8-2s. Featuring Louis Wolheim, Jean Arthur, Robert Armstrong and Hugh Herbert. Directed By: George B. Seitz. A Great Railroad Feature Film.Running Time 74 Minutes DVD

                        Early Trolley Cars (DVD)
                        Early Trolley Cars (DVD) Sale Price: $12.48
                        Retail: $24.95
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                        Item #: DV438 -

                          Chicago Surface Lines 1920s Most CSL car types are shown, along with numerous tin-lizzy trolley sideswips, collisions, and crushings. Some flivver - flivver action smash ups are also shown.Getting About Detroit The auto capitol of the country had a notable streetcar system. This 1934 rare film glorifies the Detroit trolley system in extensive detail, from the late 1800s to the mid 1930s.Men Behind The Street Car A early 1930s look describing the complete operations of the Philadelphia...