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B-2 Spirit (1/171 Scale)
B-2 Spirit (1/171 Scale) Sale Price: $111.95
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    The Northrop Grumman B-2 is a twin-seater uniquely shaped airplane that made its first appearance in 1989. Designed as an all-altitude attacker and stealth bomber with specialization on nuclear attacks, it was indeed only rational that the aircraft is equipped with all possible new technology. This means that the B-2 aircraft is probably the most expensive project ever commissioned by the US government. Its first mission in Serbia however, was only to drop traditional bombs. After that though,...

    YB-49A Flying Wing (1/171 Scale)
    YB-49A Flying Wing (1/171 Scale) Sale Price: $111.95
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      The Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing jet bomber was an evolved form of the prop-powered YB-35 model design. It was considered for espionage missions due to its high altitude and long-range flying capability. The YB-49 achieved speeds of up to 510 mph, due to its powerful Allison J35 engines�with all eight of them delivering 3,750 pounds of thrust each. This makes the Flying Wing 100 mph faster than its predecessor. At the time, however, existing technology could not correct stability problems...