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Bombardier Global 5000 1/55
Bombardier Global 5000 1/55 Sale Price: $223.95
Retail: $279.95
Availability: Normally Stocked
Item #: KG5000TR -

    The Global 5000 (model assignment BD-700-1A11) is a subsidiary in view of Global Express, with 0.813 m (32 in) lessening in forward fuselage length, and 1,200 nmi decrease in most extreme reach. Only seating capacity of 19 travelers. The aircraft was announced on 25 October 2001 with the authority dispatch on 5 February 2002, after a positive market assessment with letters of intent for 15 aircraft.

    Bombardier Global 6000 1/55
    Bombardier Global 6000 1/55 Sale Price: $223.95
    Retail: $279.95
    Availability: Back Ordered, restock date unknown
    Item #: KG6000TR -

      This improved aircraft, The Global 6000, offers higher cruise speed, increased range, improved cabin layout and lighting. It has been reported that the letters have no significance, but were chosen by focus groups simply to improve the brand image. The range increase is achieved by addition of a 1,486 lb (674 kg) fuel tank at the wing root. The Global Express XRS entered service in early 2006. The unit price is estimated to be $US45.5 million. Bombardier claims it takes 15 minutes less to fuel...

      Bombardier Learjet 40 1/35
      Bombardier Learjet 40 1/35 Sale Price: $207.95
      Retail: $259.95
      Availability: Normally Stocked
      Item #: BL40TR -

        The Learjet 40 contains a smaller fuselage (24.5 inches/60) than it's predecessor, Learjet 45, and is controlled by two Honeywell TFE731-20AR motors. These are known as the " AR " motors. The 40 model takes place of discontinued light Learjet 31a in Learjet model line, with several welcome performance and comfort improvements taken from 45 model.The Learjet 40 is capable of operating at cruise speeds up to Mach 0.81 (534 mph; 859 km/hr), it has a maximum range of 1,857 nautical miles (3,439...

        Bombardier Learjet 45 1/35
        Bombardier Learjet 45 1/35 Sale Price: $207.95
        Retail: $259.95
        Availability: Normally Stocked
        Item #: BL45TR -

          Bombardier Aerospace created this mid-sized business aircraft, Learjet 45. It's first flight took place on Learjet 23 32nd anniversary, October 7th, 1995. The cockpit is equiped with a four-screen Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS avionics system and incorporates two FADEC-controlled Honeywell TFE731-20 engines. The ground power is provide by an Auxiliary Power Unit. An upgraded version of the Learjet 45 which is the Learjet 45XR was introduced in June 2004, with higher take-off weights, faster...

          Bombardier Learjet 60 (1:35)
          Bombardier Learjet 60 (1:35) Sale Price: $207.95
          Retail: $259.95
          Availability: Normally Stocked
          Item #: BL60TR -

            Bombardier Learjet 60 (1:35) by TMC Desktop ModelsItem Number: BL60TR

            Bombardier Learjet 70 1/35
            Bombardier Learjet 70 1/35 Sale Price: $207.95
            Retail: $259.95
            Availability: Normally Stocked
            Item #: BL70TR -

              Achieve more with the performance of a Learjet 70 aircraft. This high-speed aircraft carries 6 passengers with a full tank. Bombardier's experience in developing efficient and powerful engines enable it to cruise at a high speed of Mach 0.81 and fly up to a 51,000 ft (15,545 m) ceiling.

              Bombardier Learjet 75 1/35
              Bombardier Learjet 75 1/35 Sale Price: $207.95
              Retail: $259.95
              Availability: Normally Stocked
              Item #: BL75TR -

                Raise the bar with the Learjet 75 business jet. It delivers a high speed cruise of Mach 0.81, the highest in its class. The Learjet 75 carries 8 passengers with full fuel. And with an operating ceiling of 51,000 ft (15,545 m)**, it flies over-the-weather altitudes for smoother flights and avoids the delays of congestion at lower altitudes.

                C-21A Learjet (1/48 Scale)
                C-21A Learjet (1/48 Scale) Sale Price: $111.95
                Retail: $139.95
                Availability: Back Ordered, restock date unknown
                Item #: NC10249 -

                  The C-21A is a militarized version of the business plane Learjet 35A. Officially rolled out in April 1984, the C-21A was primarily used for cargo and passenger transport but it sometimes flew medical missions. By 1997, the C-21 was designated under Air Mobility Command, particularly through the 375th Airlift Wing. The plane was powered by two Garrett TFE-731-2-2B turbofan engines. It had a maximum speed of 530mph (Mach 0.81), a top range of 2,306 miles, and a ceiling of 45,000ft. Other...

                  C-37A USAF (Gulfstream V) (1:48)
                  C-37A USAF (Gulfstream V) (1:48) Sale Price: $247.95
                  Retail: $309.95
                  Availability: Normally Stocked
                  Item #: CC37T -

                    The Alenia C-27J Spartan is a medium-sized military transport aircraft developed and manufactured by Alenia Aermacchi. It is an advanced derivative of Alenia Aeronautica's earlier G.222 (C-27A Spartan in U.S. service), equipped with the engines and various other systems also used on the larger Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules. In addition to the standard transport configuration, specialized variants of the C-27J have been developed for electronic warfare and ground-attack missions. This...

                    C-38A Courier (1:48)
                    C-38A Courier (1:48) Sale Price: $103.95
                    Retail: $205.95
                    Availability: Normally Stocked
                    Item #: CC38T -

                      C-38A Courier (1:48) by Daron Executive Desktop Models Item Number: CC38TThe transcontinental C-38A is a special mission Gulfstream 100. The C-38A flies farther, faster and more efficiently than any other priced business jet aircraft and provides the necessary communications technology. The C-38A is equipped for commercial flight operations under Federal Aviation Administration guidelines. The Air Force accepted the first of two C-38A aircraft on April 17, 1998.The transcontinental C-38A is a...

                      Canadair Challenger 350 (1:35)
                      Canadair Challenger 350 (1:35) Sale Price: $239.95
                      Retail: $299.45
                      Availability: Normally Stocked
                      Item #: H11435 -

                        Canadair Challenger 350 (1:35) by Executive Desktop Models Item Number: H11435

                        Cessna Citation CJ1+ Cessna (1:40)
                        Cessna Citation CJ1+ Cessna (1:40) Sale Price: $175.95
                        Retail: $219.95
                        Availability: Normally Stocked
                        Item #: KCCJ1 -

                          Cessna Citation CJ1+ Cessna (1:40) by TMC Pacific Desktop Airplane ModelsItem Number: KCCJ1